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tv   Journal  KCSMMHZ  June 1, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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welcome to "newsline." i'm keiko kitagawa in tokyo with the latest at this hour. employers in united states created fewer than half the forecast number of jobs last month. the jobless rate is up slightly. labor department officials say employers added 69,000 nonfarms last month. analysts expected 150,000. monthly job growth was the smallest since may last year. the construction sector lost 28,000 jobs. accounting and bookkeeping services lost 14,000. the unemployment rate rose by a tenth of a point. it now stands at 8.2%. for analysis on the u.s. job
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situation we spoke with ethan harris, co-head of global economics at bank of america merrill lynch global research. >> well, this was a very disappointing employment report with weakness in almost every category. the only redeeming feature here is that some of this weakness may be a payback for the strength we saw this winter. so we don't think the job market is really quite as weak as this latest report suggests. going forward, however, we are looking at job growth slowing to below 100,000 per month over the course of the second half of the year. and we do expect a little bit of upward pressure on the unemployment rate as we go into year end. so the job market in the u.s. should remain soft through the rest of this year. >> meanwhile, the jobless rate in the 17 member eurozone state
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unchanged at a record 11% in april, the highest level since the single country wncer curren introduced in 1999. eurostat announced the april jobless rate remained flat from the previous month. people in spain seemed to have it the hardest. the jobless rate reached a record high of 24.3%. it's worse for young people. 51.5% of those under 25 are out of work. unemployment rose in other countries, too. the rate is 15.2% in portugal and more than 10% in italy. the number of greece's available only for february, it's 21.7%, showing a worsening labor market. the disappointing job data in the united states pushed down u.s. and european stock markets. the dow jones industrial average dropped by its biggest margin so far this year. the dow fell 274 points to close
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the day at 12,118. analysts say the weak u.s. payroll figures added to growing concern about european debt. european markets fell across the board. frankfurt fell 3.4%. paris lost 2.2%. london was down 1.1%. the weak u.s. job figures also weakened the dollar and euro. the euro briefly fell to the 77 yen level for the first time in 3 1/2 months. it's now trading at 77.99-78.04 yen. the euro fell to its lowest level against the yen in 11 1/2 years. it's now trading at 97.0-97.06 yen. voters in ireland have approved the european union's new fiscal treaty. 60% who took part in a referendum said yes to plans to
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bring in government budgets across europe. ireland is the only country to hold a public vote on the eu's fiscal pact. leaders of member states hope to enact the treaty next january. then eu officials will have the power to penalize governments that fail to control their defic deficits. >> majority have expressed support for ireland. the irish people have sent a powerful signal around the world that this is a country that is serious about overcoming its economic challenges. >> ireland received a bailout from the eu and international monetary fund after debts overwhelmed its banks. a no vote in the referendum could have barred ireland from more emergency funding. syrians have protested the killing of over 100 civilians by government troops last week.
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soldiers fired on the demonstrators. they killed at least 30. syrians launched protests across the country after friday prayers. a video posted online shows several thousand at one demonstration. government troops fired on demonstrators in the city of homs and elsewhere. human rights activists say the soldiers killed at least 30 people. the united nations' human rights council has condemned the syrian government for last week's miss carry. members adopted a resolution calls for an investigation. u.n. human rights commissioner said the killings may amount to crimes against humanity and should be referred to the international criminal court. the syrian government representative claims the massacre was carried out by terrorists. >> translator: i don't think that damascus regime can hear the united voice of the international community which is asking it to respect its obligations and to stop killing
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people and ignoring human right s. >> russian and chinese representatives oppose the resolution. they call it biased. indonesian president susilo wants a legally binding resolution to territorial disputes in the south china sea. he told leaders at the asia security summit he hopes china and its neighbors can resolve their conflicts peacefully. >> it should not take ten years for the group to complete the conduct. we expect them to move on speedily with their test. >> territorial disputes in the south china sea are high on the summit's agenda. china and the philippines have been engaged in a standoff for nearly two months. leaders will also discuss other regional security issues such as
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the situation on the korean peninsula. eu energy commissioner guenther oettinger says he wants to work with japanese leaders to improve the safety of nuclear plants in europe and japan. he says he plans to share the results of stress tests on european nuclear plants. engineers are conducting tests on all nuclear plants in the eu. they're checking the safety of the plants in light of the fukushima nuclear accident. oettinger expects the results as early as october and plan to share the information with zw p japanese leaders to help them improvement the safety of nuclear plants in japan. >> to prepare, in a technical manner, and what is feasible in a legal amount, and to come to highest standards and best
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resolutions is our common interest. >> oettinger said only the japanese can decide whether to abandon nuclear power generation in their country. here's our three day world weather forecast.
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that's all for this hour on "newsline." i'm keiko kitagawa in tokyo. thank you for watching.
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